Foreplay and Erectile Dysfunction

Are you getting the foreplay you need for solid erections?

If not, your erectile dysfunction may be caused by lack of stimulation. Yes, sometimes erectile dysfunction is related to how much stimulation you are receiving when having sex or getting ready to have sex. That is, how much your partner touches, strokes, massages, licks, etc. your penis, dick, junk, rod, member… get the picture?

Ladies and gentlemen, foreplay isn’t just for women anymore.

When you were 18 or even in your early 20’s you may have gotten an erection, hard-on, woody, from a strong wind but as you age you need more direct stimulation, foreplay, to get and maintain the erections that make for satisfying intercourse. While previously looking at a partner’s naked body may have given you a stiff dick, as you age, visual stimulation is just not enough. Now you likely need manual and erotic stimulation.

As men get older they need more stimulation to get aroused.

While the old saying “men are like microwaves and women are like crock-pots” is typically true for women, as men age they become more like crock-pots; especially in long-term sexual relationships. I often find with my ED (erectile dysfunction) clients that they are not getting the stimulation they need from their partners to get or maintain a full erection and they are too embarrassed to ask for what they need and then they take full responsibility for their difficulty with erections when it’s a problem between the partners.

Erectile dysfunction is caused by many things and sometimes just as much, if not more of it, is related to your sexual partner. Now don’t get me wrong, this is not about pointing fingers or blaming, this is about getting the hard-on, stiff one, woody, rock hard cock that you both want ;-)) In order to do that, you need to CUM-municate. Yes, that’s right, talk about what you want, need, feel. Sorry to disappoint those of you who were hoping this would be my one blog that didn’t push the value of direct communication. Nope, I can’t give you a quick fix that doesn’t involve talking with your partner about sex – that’s in a bottle, I don’t sell it, and even if you take it, you might end up seeing me for sex therapy anyway.

If more direct stimulation doesn’t help, check out my blog “Erection Obsession.”

Now Go Have Sex!

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