New Year’s Resolution – More Sex in 2015

In my latest article for I talk about how to address low sexual desire and start working towards having more sex in 2015. Here’s what I had to say:

“One of the most frequent sexual complaints for women is low sexual desire (Ellison, 2001).  And one common mistake couples make when trying to fix this or other sexual problems on their own is jumping to solutions without taking time to understand the reasons for the low desire, then putting a band aid on something that needs stitches. This quite often just leaves a scar.

Increasing sexual desire can be very simple but surprisingly, low libido is one of the most difficult sex related issues to treat. This is because it is often just the symptom of other more complicated issues within the relationship or individual. Also there is rarely one single thing causing the low sexual desire.  Common causes typically fall into one or more of these four categories: Medical/Biological, Relationship, Emotional, and Societal.  And as you can guess there are many subcategories within these main categories.”

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