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Women’s Retreat: Exploring Your Erotic Self, Pathways to Intimacy and Pleasure. La Jolla, CA Aug. 3-5, 2018


Join Liz Dube, LMFT, CST and Isa Jones, LMFT, CST for this extraordinary  women’s retreat in La Jolla, CA where they create a safe, engaging and inspiring experience for women to explore eroticism in honest, meaningful and fun-filled ways.  Sadly, most women receive mixed messages about their sexuality and remain disempowered by problematic sexual myths and misinformation.  Isa and Liz are on a mission to change this by educating and empowering women to live with more sexual knowledge, self-confidence and joy in their intimate relationships!

This welcoming and transformative retreat will:

  • Provide a safe space to explore eroticism*
  • Improve sexual confidence and increase self-esteem
  • De-bunk problematic myths that undermine female sexuality
  • Remove barriers and inhibitions that block full erotic expression
  • Help you create your own vision for sexual vitality
  • Expand your knowledge of sexuality and eroticism
  • Provide tools to increase sexual satisfaction and emotional intimacy with your partner

*There will be no nudity or sexual activity

Workshop begins Friday night, Aug 3rd at 7:00pm and ends Sunday, August 5th at noon, 12:00pm. Scroll down for the details, including the itinerary!

Follow this link to Isa’s website for more info or to SIGN UP NOW!


Workshop for Therapists:
Using The PLISSIT Model To Treat Clients With Sexual Problems

Orange County CAMFT 3000 Club Meeting

Avoiding Lesbian Bed Death

Couples Event – Saturday August 13th – 6-9pm


Getting the Sex YOU Want in a New Relationship

A Singles Event – Saturday August 6th – 6-9pm
TurnOut Flyer Square







Sunday, February 14th – Valentine’s Day – 9am-6pm

Mindfulness Workshop for Couples:

The Mindful Couple

Mindful Her



Wednesday, February 3rd 7-8pm
FREE Energy Healing & Talk on Sexual Desire

Centripetal Force Studio

Belmont Shore
202 Argonne Ave Suite A Long Beach 90803